Monday, July 22, 2019

Kit Kat Day 1

Kit Kat visited Wild Heart today, got a brief introduction to the ministry via video, and then hit the streets with gloves, shovels, and trash bags to weed nearby sidewalks in the Allison Hill neighborhood. We split into two groups, Kit and Kat, and weeded both sides of the street. The temperature was comfortably in the mid-80s and the kids got to know each other and several members of the community. Melvin saw the kids working as he drove by, went to the store to buy sodas and a bag of ice, then returned to share with the kids and talk.  Jacquline was walking by, picked up a hand shovel, and started weeding with the kids. Kit Kat will be back at Wild Heart on Tuesday.


Today the group started at Bethesda Mission. This is a women's shelter in Harrisburg. Most of us pulled weeds on the playground and garden. A few made lunch for the staff and residents. The staff did not have much for us to do so we filled time by walking the neighborhood picking up trash. In the afternoon, we went to Wild Heart Ministries in Allison Hill. The purpose of this ministry is to help beautify the neighborhood. You guessed it we had another opportunity to pull weeds and pick up trash. Thank goodness it wasn't last week!

Allison Hill Community Ministry

Our team is called The Krackels. Today we went to Allison Hill and interacted with kids from 5 years old through 8th grade. It was rewarding to see the relationships that are being built. We played Jenga, Pictionary, went to a park, made a chain of thanks, shard a meal, learned about how coffee is made, nutrition education and more. We will be gong as a team all week as we serve the Allison Hill Community & each other. Ask the kids when they get home what happens when Beanie backs the van up?

Team Mounds

We had an amazing First service day at the Elizabeth Manor nursing care facility! They have picture restrictions, so I couldn't get any with the residents. Tomorrow is nail painting day. Our 3 guys are especially excited to participate 😉😂

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Ice Breakers

Good Morning from Bob, Lauren and the rest of the Ice Breakers crew! We made it safe to Harrisburg, PA. After a few square meals and night of sleep, we are ready to serve this city. 

Our lineup includes:

Ella S.

Hannah G.

Shannon M.

Maddie T. 

Danielle C.

Maia A.

Jackson H.

Lucas M.

Gibson D.

This week our tentative plan is to serve at:

Central Pennsylvania Food Bank

Wild Heart Ministry

HBG Community Gardens

We will blog to let you know more about these amazing service opportunities as we learn more about them. We feel and appreciate your prayers for safety, fun and the movement of the Holy Spirit! 

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Mr. Goodbar ready to start our ministry week


We are ready for our first work day. Here is our job schedule at our sight and the team members for the week. Looking forward to a great week!